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ICT Awards for Science Projects

The ICT Awards for Scientific Projects has been planned to design an identifiable, brand new web for a tech organisation. The programme aims to aid an organisation from the science field to take advantage of the potentials of the Internet whereby a desirable world can be achieved. The programme is funded by Bartomeus Lab

Among the entities that may request the program are technology NGOs, federations, associations, cooperation and development organizations, foundations, labs, research networks, etc., which are linked to the science field.

The call bases are the following:

What's our goal?
Helping organizations in the science field to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the Internet, especially in the environment of web communication.  

How will the selection process be and what will the selected participants receive?

  • First phase: selection of projects that meet the requirements and that will be eligible for aid and move to the second phase.
  • Second stage: the personalized consulting will be made  aiming the needs of the organization. Also, recommendations and proposals to develop the new web project will be presented.
  • Third phase: the Scholarship Committee will select the best project that has received advice to design the website and accompany it until 2021.

What will the winning project receive?

The creation and design of the website includes:

  • Hosting and web programming in Abcore Cadi.
  • Freedom of Design on Responsive Templates.
  • Training of administrators.
  • Web communication tools such as newsletters, events or press releases service. 
  • User and technical support: the selected project will receive support at no cost until the year 2021.
Processing and resolution
  • Advisory sessions: from 28/2/2018 to  9/3/2018
  • Deadline: 7/3/2018
  • Resolution: 12/3/2018
  • Free web execution and technical support: from 15/2/2018  to 1/1/2021

Proposals will be received through the following form. 

BartomeusLab  Geicam


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