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What did you read on Sant Jordi's day?

Now that the roses and books on Barcelona sidewalks are already a memory, in Iwith.orgwe want to tell you about the book downloading process that we offered to commemorate the celebration of  Sant Jordi 2007.

First of all, we want to thank everyone who has participated in the initiative, beating the record for downloads.
The most downloaded book was Jo Cuino, by Montse Roig, with 416 downloads. It is a very pleasant cook-book with easy recipes and delicious results. In Spanish and Catalan.

In second place was Kerigma, with 89 requests. This book, written in Catalan by Carles Udina, is an essay about knowledge, its structure, and the way the conceptual system operates.

With 26 downloads, in 3rd place was Vidas Cruzadas.

Although we publish the statistics it does not mean you cannot continue with the downloads. The books will be available until the last day of April in

DownloadingsRanking Sant Jordi 2007
542 Jo Cuino
97 Kerigma
54 VidasCruzadas
27 El Petit Maquinista
21 InCrescendo
8 Yesapel
downloadings total 749

Translation by Lyndon Pugh
on 25/04/2007
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