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Grant Programme for Sports Web Projects

The Grant Programme for Sports Organisations Web Projects has been planned to design an identifiable, brand new web for a sports organisation. The programme aims to aid these organisations to take advantage of the potentials of the Internet whereby a desirable world can be achieved. The programme is funded by the athlete Oriol Gaspa.

Sports associations, federations, foundations, clubs and teams, amongst others, can apply.

Aim of the programme:
Helping sports organisations to take advantage of the possibilities the Internet has to offer, especially, in web-based communication. 

Process and participants:

  • First stage: Individual advice will be given by the foundation on every successful application. The first meeting will be held in order to analyse the organisations’ needs and to evaluate the best alternatives to design the web page.
  • Second stage: A document with further recommendations and proposals will be presented.
  • Third stage: The grant committee of will select one of the previously advised projects to design their web through the Grant Programme.

Winner's prize:
Along with the design of the web page, the prize will include hosting and web development in Abcore Cadí, entitlement to responsive web design templates, training, and web communication tools such as newsletters, events, press release service and support. The selected project will receive support until 2021 for free.

Process and resolution:
Applications will be received through the following form and, after being approved by the grant committee of, they will be included in the calendar for advice. Sessions will be held every week, starting 10th July until the end of the programme. On the basis of the reports of advice, the resolution will be adopted by the grant committee of, with the subsequent approval of the athlete Oriol Gaspa, and finally it will be published at


  • Programme start date: 3/Jul/2017
  • Sessions for advice: from 10/Jul/2017 to 15/Sep/2017
  • Resolution: 20/Sep/2017
  • Execution and monitoring: from 25/Sep/2017 to 1/Jan/2021


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